Janaazah procedure

Call one of the following PMJ representatives in the following order:

  • Ghafies Ikraam Khan 072 204 2524
  • Sh Zarier Moerat 082 673 1812
  • Ghafies Omar Cook 074 853 0200

If the death occurred at home and no foul play is suspected, call a doctor to certify the death and to issue the Notice of Death form.  NB: It is the family’s responsibility to secure a doctor to issue the Notice of Death forms if the death occurred at home.

If the death occurred unnaturally, report the death to the police who will come to the house to investigate.

If the death occurred in a hospital, call one of the three PMJ representatives listed above and inform the person of the name of the hospital, floor and ward nr, name and address of the deceased and time of the Janaazah. The doctor at the hospital will issue the Notice of Death forms.

The cost for the grave, kaffan, planks, Toekamandi and transport of the mayet is for the account of the family of the deceased.

The Notice of Death forms with the deceased’s Identity Document should be handed to the PMJ representative.

The informant has to fill in his or her details on Page 2 of the Notice of Death form and also add his or her fingerprints.  A copy of the informant’s identity document must accompany the Notice of Death forms and handed to the PMJ representative before the Janaazah is scheduled to take place.

Burial Costs

Mon – Fri Saturday Sun & Pub Holidays
(a) Preparation of grave R1 756 R1 800 R2 420
(b) Fee to PMJ R1 300 R1 300 R1 300
TOTAL COST R3 056 R3 100 R3 720

(a) Payable to Drakenstein Municipality

(b) Include kaffan, planks, wash and transport of body, bulk sms and Imaamat services.

Members are encouraged to join a reputable Kiefayt Klops / Burial Society.

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