Du Toit Family

Author: Boeta Moosa Patel (Snr)

We have traced the history of the Moerat and the Abrahams families, who are presently resident in Paarl. We have mentioned certain families. There are Gamieldien, Nackerdien, Patel, Kozain, Latief, Fredericks, Essop, etc, which we will still trace. But let us investigate the history of Imam Kiyaam du Toit, who was the spiritual leader of the Waterkant Street Mosque, early in the twentieth century. Imam Kiyaam was the son of Boeta Jakoef du Toit, who originally purchased the plots and built both mosque sites in the Ou Tuin area. Because of a dispute, the second mosque along the banks of the Berg River was built, and Imam Kiyaam became its leader.

Boeta Jakoef’s other son, known as Bilal Syfdien, was the Mu’addhin at the Breda Street Mosque and never moved to the Waterkant Street Mosque with the others. He built his residence in Weiss Street and had a café right opposite the Breda Street Mosque. Bilal Syfdien had three sons, Abdurraghman, Abdullah and Noor, and a daughter Fatima. Abdurraghman moved with his family to Simondium, where he passed away. Abdullah passed away in Paarl very early. Noor moved to Salt River with his family, where he passed away. There are no descendants of this family in Paarl anymore.

Imam Kiyaam’s daughter, Auntie Gabieba married a man by the surname of Abrahams. Her husband left her and he disappeared completely. Where he went, remained a mystery to this day. An Arab, Imam Mustapha, came to settle in Paarl. He married Auntie Gabieba and adopted her surname, Abrahams, while discarding his Arab surname. Auntie Gabieba had two sons and a daughter from her first marriage. They were Cassiem (Boeta Kaa), Boeta Salie, and Auntie Salegga. Only Auntie Salegga, who married Boeta Tayeb Abrahams, have offspring remaining in Paarl (as mentioned earlier).

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