Abrahams Family

Author: Boeta Moosa Patel (Snr)

Hadja Gadija (Galatie or Hai Aggie) was married to Hadjie Mannie Abrahams, a tailor formerly from Cape Town. They had three sons and two daughters, namely Boeta Tayeb, who married Sis Salegga, Abdul Wahaab (Boeta Happie), Boeta Amien, who married Auntie Rugaya, Sis Fatima, who married Boeta Noor. They had a daughter, Mymoena (mother of Loetfieya, Aslam and Nazeem Toefy). Boeta Tayeb had many children, namely Asma, Zainab, Kaltoem, Amien, Jawaiya, Ebrahim (Bryma), Hassiem, Gadijah, Mariam and Abubie. Boeta Tayeb also married Farieda after the demise of Sis Legga.

Boeta Amien and Auntie Gaya had a daughter, Gadija, who passed away as a young woman. Then there was Abdullah, who married Fatima, daughter of Boeta Moutie and Auntie Mariam Moerat. Jamiel is married to Naeema, daughter of Boeta Omar Richards. Ismail, married Sukaina, nee De Vos, and went to settle in Cape Town. Kulsom is married to a doctor, and is also resident in Cape Town. The youngest, Mureeda also settled in Cape Town. The youngest sister of Boeta Amien was Rugaya (Nannie), the mother of Saaid, who is residing in Paarl.

Auntie Nappie was the second youngest of Boeta Dienie’s children. She married Hadjie Kamalie Kamaldien, the son of Bappie Kabier and the brother of Hadja Zubeida (Beira) Rahimo, who married Hadjie Vahed Rahimo, whose only son was Abdurrasool Vahed. The Kamaldien’s had two daughters and one son. They were: Auntie Gadija, Basier and Atieka. Hadja Gadija married Haafiez Imam Taagoedien Gamieldien, the eldest son of Imam Kiemie. They had four children, Nabawhieya, Igsaan, Faadiel and a son who passed away, at childhood. Basier married Sukayna (Kienie), nee Patel (my sister). They have two children, Mumeena and Mogammad. Both are married and are resident in Paarl. Atieka, a school teacher, remained a spinster until her death.

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