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As with any organization or business, PMJ is faced with continual rising costs. The Jamaa has managed to absorb cost escalations over the years but are now forced to increase Kaffan (the amount due to PMJ for burial) to R1 300 per burial. This fee includes kaffan, planks, fetch and transport of mayet, bulk sms, preparation of mayet for burial and Imaamat services. The above amount does not include payment to the Municipality for the grave and an additional fee is payable to the Municipality, depending on the day of the week:

Mon – Fri R1 756

Saturday R1 800

Sun & Pub Holidays R2 420

The fee to the Municipality escalates between 9 and 10% per annum.

Death is a reality no one will escape and members are encouraged to make financial preparation by joining a reputable Burial Society (Kiefayt Klops) to prevent financial hardship on the family.

For Janaazah procedures and costs, click here.

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