Praise be to the Almighty Allah, who has commanded us in the Holy Quran to be unified with the injunction “Hold together to the rope of Allah, and be not disunited“.

Paarl Muslim Jamaa’ submits to the Almighty Allah as it’s Supreme Head and to the Holy Quran as it’s Divine Constitution.

The Jamaa’ was inaugurated on 31 May 1964 as a result of the amalgamation of all existing Muslim organisations in Paarl, in obedience to the Divine command to be unified and with the object of embracing and consolidating all Muslims in Paarl and District into a single, unitary body in order to cater for their spiritual, educational and social needs in terms of the Shariah of Islam.


1.     To control, supervise and maintain all property belonging to the Jamaa’, movable and immovable, and to administer all affairs relating thereto.

2.     To encourage and arrange educational lectures, discussions and studies.

3.     To prescribe, administer and supervise the Islamic tuition provided by the Jamaa’ for all age groups.

4.     to establish and administer an officially recognised, Islamically-orientated school to provide for all the educational requirements of pupils from the primary stage onwards.

5.     To create and grant scholarships  for deserving students, and preferably for those whose families are bona fide members of this Jamaa’.

6.     To establish and administer an Islamic library.

7.     To evaluate and provide appropriate or other assistance to indigent, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged persons and to provide such comfort and aid to Muslim hospital patients as is merited by each case.

8.     To provide spiritual ministration to Muslim inmates of welfare and correctional institutions.

9.     To establish and administer  a Fund for the collection and distribution of Zakah, and for rendering related welfare services.

10.  To strive  to exemplify and propagate  Islam to All People  through precept,  tolerance, exhortation and the performance of acts of selfless humanitarianism.

11.  To perform all such acts deemed to be in the interests of the Jamaa’ and of the preservation and promotion of Islamic values.

12.  To establish  a fully functional social welfare office  to provide welfare services  to the community.

13.  To establish a facility which can provide the primary health services from the centre.

14.  To establish a youth centre.

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